Yoga for the Goats

This past weekend we ran our first ever fundraiser. To say it was a success is an understatement.
We have been rescuing for 2 years now and up until now have paid everything out of pocket. This is a passion of ours so we have made it work and fit it into our life. With the recent hoarding situation we became involved in it became very clear that we would either have to start fundraising or turn down the babies. Knowing that 20 babies died there last year – refusing them was not an option. We reached out to the community asking for any ideas / help with this task. Ryan and Amy from Grimsby Yoga and Wellness reached out to us almost immediately and began organizing a baby goat yoga fundraiser. They offered up their studio and time – asking nothing in return. They did all of the organizing and social media for it – they are wonderful. We will never be able to thank them enough as this has gotten us off the ground and funds raised will cover all expenses for these babies.

This past weekend we had 3 classes and raised $1,445.

All 6 baby goats, Waffles the bunny, and Opal and Pearl attended. They all loved it.

Waffles was a complete show off and really seemed to enjoy hopping from mat to mat until she found the perfect one to sprawl out on for the rest of the class.


Winston was his normal trouble making self… nothing was off limits! Hair, clothing, yoga mats…. whatever he could get in his little mouth he did.  Moose was being quite shy but did start socializing near the end of the class.  He’s a bit of a mommies boy so I can’t say that’s too surprising.  Molly was content to sit at the front and be admired by everyone since she seems to think she is royalty (… I wonder why).

And the 3 babies, Bernard, Annie and Dottie, were happy enough to be held and nap most of the time.

Pearl and Opal took on the roll as unofficial greeters and welcomed everyone with wagging tails and happy snorts.

Katelyn Hodgson – who does wonderful photography as a hobby – came out for the first class on Monday and took most of the seen pictures here. It was great to have these moments captured – you can see just how happy everyone was!

We have had such a rough go with some of these babies. This whole situation has been horribly exhausting and draining. It has been up and down for about a month solid. This past weekend made us feel like we are doing the right thing – all the heartbreak and tears are for the greater good. These sweet babies made so many people laugh and smile. We are glad we were able to share that. We want to be able to have people see them as we do – they have such distinct personalities. While not many people see goats as an animal that is eaten – they often are. Nearly all males end up as meat before they are a year old. Babies younger than these ones are taken from their mothers at dairy farms so that all of the mothers milk can be sold and the boys are sent to auction – this is exactly the case with Totes.
We have another class this upcoming Sunday and have added two spots in March – Thursday March 15th and Sunday March 18th. I know there were quite a few people who were interested in the event but classes booked up quickly. We hope they are just as fun for everyone as the past classes were.

We hope to have lots more great pictures, and meet lots more amazing people.
I want to personally thank everyone who came up and offered kind words and words of encouragement. It may seem like we have this whole thing figured out but we are just starting and working our way through as we go. We do this because we love it – we love the animals and we love seeing them grow and live a life that they would not have been able to. It is beyond rewarding and makes the sleepless nights, long days, and stress completely worth it.

Thank you so much to everyone who has shown support through attendance, donations and even just kind words. Every single thing means so much!

Megan & Mike

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