Welcome to Black Goat Farm and Sanctuary.
We are located in Ontario, Canada on a 10 acre farm between Hamilton, Smithville, and Grimsby.

We currently run a small scale farm animal sanctuary helping injured, orphaned and abused farm animals.  We currently house goats, turkeys, chickens, ducks, guinea hens and two little pigs.  Each and every one has a name and a story.

We plan on running a fully sustainable vegetable and fruit farm with a portion of proceeds  going directly to the sanctuary .  All crops will be farmed without the use of chemicals and pesticides.  In the future we will offer vegetable boxes weekly with season long and weekly memberships.  We make all natural jams and preserves out of the fruits grown here on the farm and are planning to add some homemade breads to the “Menu”.  We will be attending a few farmers markets this summer as well as selling directly from the farm on set days that we will be open to the public.  People can come have a tour of the farm, meet the animals, and leave with some fresh – healthy produce.

If you are interested in visiting the farm , please contact us via the contact page to arrange a visit . All tours will be on an appointment basis only as we both work in addition to running the sanctuary. There is no set admission fee but we do ask for a donation to the sanctuary of whatever you feel appropriate .

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